"Enjoyed it very much. Fast, engaging. A fine debut."
Lee Child, Number One NY Times best-selling author

"Absolutely first rate. Outstanding read."
— Publisher Helen Rosburg

"Bowie did the homework to distinguish his History-of-Violence-style plot."
Publishers Weekly

"A fine debut novel from a gifted writer."
Ken Gruebel, New Bern Sun Journal

"Bowie is a skilled writer. I wouldn't have guessed this was his first novel."
Clayton Bye at

"GUNS is an admirable debut. A good read."
Ken Wilkins in "Book Beat"

"Bowie truly has a great plot."
Tammy Adams at Novelspot

"Bowie, an instrument-rated pilot, breathes life into smart, cocksure Sam Bass, a man with a mysterious past."
Plane and Pilot magazine

"GUNS comes out on all cylinders and keeps the pace going until the final confrontation. The cast is solid. An interesting thriller starring a fascinating laconic protagonist."
— Online reviewer Harriet Klausner

GUNS won honorable mention at the London Book Festival

"This story is excellent."

"A beautifully written high-octane thriller."
Ridley Pearson, NY Times best-selling author

"An exciting suspense thriller with a touch of romance."
— Reviewer Harriet Klausner

"A combustible mystery with twists galore."
Romantic Times

"A fine second novel for this author."
Ken Gruebel, New Bern Sun Journal

"Hardin is a tough guy with a heart. The story quickly moves into high gear. Bowie does a nice job of building suspense and keeping the plot flowing with no loose ends."
— "Book Beat"

"Good, solid, fast-paced adventure fiction from a guy who knows how to write it."
Stephen Coonts, NY Times best-selling author

"An engaging action-packed tale. The story line is fast-paced but also contains deep characterizations . . . thriller fans will appreciate this entertaining tale."
— Reviewer Harriet Klausner

"Our enjoyment of KLLRS derives from good writing."
— Asheville, NC, Citizen-Times

"Bowie is able to intensify the suspense without stringing it out. You can feel the tension building in each paragraph, with each chapter."
Ken Gruebel, New Bern Sun-Journal

"A great thriller that just sucks you in."
Becky Lejeune at Book Bitch

"Bowie churns out impressive action sequences . . . elevates the narrative by piling on subplots. The story's North Carolina setting is top-notch. Energetic and diverting."

"John Hardin's adventures keep us turning pages. Enjoy DEATHSMAN."
"Book Beat"

"Told in a style at once as hardboiled as they come and also beautiful, this packs a punch. With filmic episodes and a lot of twist this one is hard to put down. Hardin is one you want to read again."
Richard Godwin, UK author of Confessions of a Hit Man and Wrong Crowd.

"Loved it. I would recommend it to those who enjoy high-flying, clearly well-researched thrillers."
John Miller, Reedsy Discovery (four out of five stars)

"A compelling story about the unsung heroes who fight poachers . . . filled with action, sadness, brutality, hope, and love. There wasn't anything about this story I didn't like."
Crystal Cundall, Online Book Club Reviews (four out of four stars)

"[This book] will intrigue believers who consider self-examination to be more than the prerogative of priests and other religious entities, and it provides an opportunity for dialogue between wide audiences of believers, scientists, historians, religious leaders, and everyday people. It's a pick for those who would inspect more closely the nature and possibilities of God."
Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

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