"Enjoyed it very much. Fast, engaging. A fine debut."
Lee Child, Number One NY Times best-selling author

"Absolutely first rate. Outstanding read."
— Publisher Helen Rosburg

"Bowie did the homework to distinguish his History-of-Violence-style plot."
Publishers Weekly

"A fine debut novel from a gifted writer."
Ken Gruebel, New Bern Sun Journal

"Bowie is a skilled writer. I wouldn't have guessed this was his first novel."
Clayton Bye at

"GUNS is an admirable debut. A good read."
Ken Wilkins in "Book Beat"

"Bowie truly has a great plot."
Tammy Adams at Novelspot

"Bowie, an instrument-rated pilot, breathes life into smart, cocksure Sam Bass, a man with a mysterious past."
Plane and Pilot magazine

"GUNS comes out on all cylinders and keeps the pace going until the final confrontation. The cast is solid. An interesting thriller starring a fascinating laconic protagonist."
— Online reviewer Harriet Klausner

GUNS won honorable mention at the London Book Festival

"A beautifully written high-octane thriller."
Ridley Pearson, NY Times best-selling author

"An exciting suspense thriller with a touch of romance."
— Reviewer Harriet Klausner

"A combustible mystery with twists galore."
Romantic Times

"A fine second novel for this author."
Ken Gruebel, New Bern Sun Journal

"Hardin is a tough guy with a heart. The story quickly moves into high gear. Bowie does a nice job of building suspense and keeping the plot flowing with no loose ends."
— "Book Beat"

"Good, solid, fast-paced adventure fiction from a guy who knows how to write it."
Stephen Coonts, NY Times best-selling author

"An engaging action-packed tale. The story line is fast-paced but also contains deep characterizations . . . thriller fans will appreciate this entertaining tale."
— Reviewer Harriet Klausner

"Our enjoyment of KLLRS derives from good writing."
— Asheville, NC, Citizen-Times

"Bowie is able to intensify the suspense without stringing it out. You can feel the tension building in each paragraph, with each chapter."
Ken Gruebel, New Bern Sun-Journal

"A great thriller that just sucks you in."
Becky Lejeune at Book Bitch

"Bowie churns out impressive action sequences . . . elevates the narrative by piling on subplots. The story's North Carolina setting is top-notch. Energetic and diverting."

"John Hardin's adventures keep us turning pages. Enjoy DEATHSMAN."
"Book Beat"

"Told in a style at once as hardboiled as they come and also beautiful, this packs a punch. With filmic episodes and a lot of twist this one is hard to put down. Hardin is one you want to read again."
Richard Godwin, UK author of Confessions of a Hit Man and Wrong Crowd.

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