In this NEW stand-alone thriller, Federal Probation Officer Earl Kade embarks on a secret one-man crusade against a multi-tentacled organization dealing in deadly drugs, and soon finds himself in too deep to back out alive.

Dawn Light Book Cover


In this stand-alone suspense yarn, boat captain Dent Stedman is trying to help the teenaged son of his Special Forces vet buddy, Buck Broadway, recently killed in a car crash. He takes on the rebellious boy, Ransom, as a mate for a mysterious yacht delivery from Newport to the Bahamas, unaware the Dawn Light is carrying a lethal secret in her belly.

In Massachusetts, extreme sports adventuress Victoria Gatlin is conducting an amateur investigation into a major pharmaceutical company she suspects is corrupt.

The lives of Dent, Victoria, and Ransom are about to intersect in a way that could get them all killed.

"A gifted writer."
New Bern Sun Journal


In this stand-alone thriller, pilot Zeke Blades learns his friend and former flight instructor, Ben Stone, has gone missing while flying humanitarian missions in Africa. Zeke travels there in search of Ben. He meets enigmatic Tanzanian beauty Liana Sekibo and a small cadre of anti-poaching vigilantes called the Mambas.

Zeke is drawn into a fight against a gang of poachers led by the outlaw Muhammadu Raza, who feeds profits from illegal ivory to Al-Isra, a radical Islamist group plotting to seize Uganda.

"Bowie's pithy writing energizes the narrative. A fast-moving story with good guys who easily earn readers' cheers."
Kirkus Reviews

"One of the most powerful openings I’ve ever read . . . a fast-paced thriller."
Jaden Terrell, author of Racing the Devil and River of Glass

Deathsman by Phil Bowie Book Book Cover

# 4 in the John Hardin series


Pilot John Hardin has a dark past and a habit of getting into lethal troubles. In DEATHSMAN, set once again in the Great Smokies, John and Cherokee girlfriend Kitty Birdsong are pitted against a gangster who wholesales synthetic drugs, and a shadowy hit man named after the professional executioners of centuries past.

"Bowie churns out impressive action sequences . . . elevates the narrative by piling on subplots. The story's North Carolina setting is top-notch. Energetic and diverting."

"John Hardin's adventures keep us turning pages. Enjoy DEATHSMAN."
"Book Beat"

"Told in a style at once as hardboiled as they come and also beautiful, this packs a punch. With filmic episodes and a lot of twist this one is hard to put down. Hardin is one you want to read again."
Richard Godwin, UK author of Confessions of a Hit Man and Wrong Crowd

Book Cover

# 3 in the John Hardin series


Pilot John Hardin has a dark history.

He and his Cherokee girlfriend, Kitty Birdsong, are enjoying life in the Great Smoky Mountains when Nolan Rader, a former BATF agent, emerges from John's violent past and demands help to save his younger brother, Clint, from the vengeance of the Satan's Ghosts outlaw motorcycle gang.

A warped genius called Brain controls the Satan's Wraiths, an elite cadre of trained hitters within the gang, and Brain is privately conducting psychological research on Clint prior to killing him.

John must agree to help Nolan Rader or face exposure about his past, and the only way to save Clint is to infiltrate the gang, leading John down a lethal path between the law and the outlaws, ranging from Canada to the Bahamas.

As the execution draws near, can John save Clint Rader before time runs out?

"Good, solid, fast-paced adventure fiction from a guy who knows how to write it."
Stephen Coonts, NY Times best-selling author.

Book Cover

# 2 in the John Hardin series


A century and a half ago, just before the Cherokee people were driven at bayonet-point from their ancestral Great Smokies home to the Oklahoma reservation, they hid their gold mines. Four thousand died on that infamous Trail of Tears, and their secrets died with them.

Now, solitary prospector Moses Kyle discovers one of the ancient lost mines. And disappears.

Among those looking for Moses and his discovery are pilot John Hardin and Cherokee biker Kitty Birdsong. But also on the hunt in the misty folds of the Blue Ridge is a murderous family clan rooted in the worst kind of evil, along with a group of cult members led by a snake-handling preacher.

When naked greed erupts into violence, John and Kitty must fight for their lives.

"A beautifully written high-octane thriller."
Ridley Pearson, NY Times best-selling author.

"This story is excellent."

Book Cover

# 1 in the John Hardin series


Sam Bass is tall and lanky, loves old western movies, wears cowboy boots, and drives a battered Wrangler. He's a pilot running a shoestring charter operation on remote Ocracoke Island, living a quiet life with his girlfriend, Valerie Lightfoot.

When Sam helps make a dangerous rescue of a couple lost at sea, he gets publicity he doesn't need.

A powerful enemy now knows where he is and sends a hit team to finish old business. Sam, Valerie, and her young son, Josh, become the focus of evil.

The only response is a trail of just vengeance as ancient as the ghosts of the Smoky Mountain Cherokees.

The hunt is on . . .

"Fast. Engaging. A fine debut."
Lee Child, number one international best-selling author of the Jack Reacher series.

Short Stories

Dagger and other tales

This collection of 17 Phil Bowie short stories in several different genres is gathered from a lifetime of writing. Each is prefaced by a brief explanation of how it came to be.

Many of the stories have appeared previously in magazines, and the author's version of "The Cat from Hell" won first place in a magazine-sponsored contest to complete this tale begun by top international best-selling author Stephen King. (The first 500 words of that story are published in the collection with Mr. King's kind permission.)

"A strong pick for general short story collections."
Midwest Book Review

"As with anything Phil Bowie writes the phrasing is impeccable . . . you will be impressed . . . a good collection by a gifted storyteller."
— New Bern Sun-Journal

"Dagger is an intriguing collection of stories that build in suspense and leave you surprised at the end.
Bowie prefaces each with ‘the story behind the story,’ which I enjoyed just as much."
Literary R&R


Where is Heaven?

A health crisis turned out to be inspirational for the author. A firm believer in a higher power but a long-time skeptic concerning the believability and practices of humankind's many organized religions, he has gathered a lifetime of experiences and thoughts, and hard evidences from the best and brightest minds on the planet in the writing of this book. If you've ever doubted what you've been taught about religion and the Bible, Where is Heaven? will give you some fact-based answers you can firmly believe. Among other observations, it will suggest where heaven really is.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: It is not my intent to alienate anyone. If you hold strong convictions within any religion and you harbor no doubts, I sincerely respect that, and this book is probably not for you.

"I've never read a book before that seemed to be tailor written for me. Or maybe I just never realized there were other skeptical believers out there that had the same questions I did and do. Apparently Phil Bowie did have that realization and he's given us all a book to be proud of."
— Online Reviewer Andrea Houtsch (Note: This book was submitted by the author in exchange for an honest review.)

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